Prologue revamp

tl;dr It’s up now. Keep reading if you like a good ramble, however.

Yeah, so, I’ll be honest here.

I’ve never liked the prologue much, and for the life of me, when I go back through it, I wonder why I’d written it that way (aside from, you know, that whole ‘starting to write again after years and years and have no idea what the fuck I’m doing’).

It’s like it’s a primer of sorts, as if non-GW2 fans were going to jump in and try and sort through a ton of lore to grasp the rest of what was to come–and totally in contrast with later writings, where terms and names are thrown around in a “either you already know what this is, or you can handle looking in the wiki” way.

Beyond that, I frankly don’t like the way it’s written, and I think it’s really, really weak compared to anything else in the book. So, what’s the solution? Well, aside from big plans I have for Thorn once the book is “finished” (which I’ll reveal at a later date), the obvious solution is to strip it down to the bare minimum, and make it feel like part of a whole, rather than an overly dramatic, rambling intro full of information you already know.

So, hopefully today or tomorrow I’ll be posting a mostly rewritten and much shorter prologue, which I think segues much more quickly and naturally into the start of chapter one.

I know the prologue has turned off some potential readers, and hopefully they’ll give it another go. For those of you who’ve stuck with it, you have my eternal gratitude.

(I know I may say that a lot, but I genuinely mean it each and every time. You guys make this even more rewarding than the simple joy I get from telling this tale.)

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