Chapter 12

Here we go–the beginning of the end; the start of the third and final act of Thorn. Chapter 12 is now live.

Not much I can say that reading it won’t cover. It’s long, as every chapter seems to be these days–close to twice the length of the earliest chapters, or longer–and it was an easy write, at least compared to more recent ones.

Hitting this point, though–passing the 300-page mark, starting to reveal what the hell’s actually going on, ramping up the tension and action, and bringing together a lot of puzzle pieces that may have seemed sort of tertiary and pointless–is incredibly gratifying, and very, very nerve-wracking.

For everyone who’s come along for the ride so far, I promise a kick-ass conclusion to Thorn, and for those still on the fence, get in the van already. We have candy.

And martinis.

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