Of patches and writing and contests. (And sports.)

Patch day tomorrow–so I’m pre-angried-up about the lack of ranger fixes, or incoming unwarranted nerfs.

Kidding. I’m looking forward to seeing what they’re up to, and I’ve swapped (a while ago, come to think of it) from a shortbow snoozefest build to a greatsword tank/evasion build. I can safely say that I’m having more fun on Mozu now than I’ve ever had with a ranger/hunter class before. I’ll get some screens and post the spec sometime this week.

Still, keeping my fingers crossed for some much-needed bug fixes and buffs to a wide range of classes.

Chapter 14 is actually in re-write stage at the moment, but that stage may take a bit longer than it usually does. This chapter has been difficult to write in a lot of ways, as it’s something I’ve been thinking about now for months, and to satisfy myself, I need to make damned sure that it’s worded as closely to perfect as I can manage. Still, you’ll probably see it sooner than you think.

And speaking of Thorn, guildwars2guru is holding a ‘Biggest Guild Wars 2 Fan contest‘. If any of our (the royal “our”, of course) readers wanted to head over and put in a “Like” on the Thorn post in the thread, and check out all the other cool entries, I’d hugely appreciate the help in acknowledging this crazy six-month (and counting) project.

Oh, and before I forget–Rondo: torn ACL. gg, Celtics season. With the Pats meltdown, and zero interest in the upcoming Red Sox season, my hope lies squarely on the black and gold shoulders of my beloved Bruins.

Which, in many ways, is exactly how it should be.

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