What I’m doing with my well-earned break from writing…

Hells yeah

…for a few days, anyway. Chapter 14 burned me out pretty hard, although it’s with the copy-editor as I type this, so expect to see it sometime this week.

When I say “burned out”, I certainly don’t mean “no longer want to keep doing this”, but rather that I worked my ass off for a week straight just doing rewrites–trying to get it as close to perfect as I could manage. I’m not entirely sure I’ve succeeded, but it’s probably pretty damned good. At least, I sure hope so, seeing as it was a somewhat important chapter, to put it laughably mildly.

Honestly, all I saw by last Friday was WORDSWORDSWORDSWORDSWORDS. About 8,000 of them, and all seemingly intractable. I did listen to my inner voice (which, with regards to the writing, sounds amazingly like my best friend and copy-editor, Joanna), and went with a “less is more” approach, cutting quite a bit of extraneous wordage (is that even a word itself?), and I think it made the scenes flow better.

Anyway, it’ll be posted when I get it back and make the recommended fixes and changes–or ignore them, as I very occasionally do when I feel the way I’ve chosen to say something is for a purpose–and you can tell me how much I suck.

(Here’s hoping, again, that’s not the case!  /martini)

In the meantime, 15 CDs of godly metal to run through my new(ish) Hifiman HE-400s…while most likely thinking about chapter 15 and beyond.

Back to the word-mines soon, I swear, but first, I’ll spend some time with the boys from Krefeld, their new album mixes, and the libation mentioned above.


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