A break from writing, my ass. (Chapter 14)

It ended up being a beer and ‘Nightfall in Middle Earth’ evening, and I have copious notes for chapters 15 and part of 16 to show for it.

Chapter 14 arrived back in my inbox today, and I’m pleased to say that it’s pretty fantastic. Whew.

You can check it out over at the usual spot.

No one really gives a damn, but these new 2012 mixes, at least for ‘Nightfall’ and ‘A Night at the Opera’, are goddamned amazing. Worth every penny of the boxed set for those two albums alone. I can sit back and finally say, “This is exactly how I’ve always wanted to hear this band.”

A martini or two, along with ‘Somewhere Far Beyond’ and ‘Tales from the Twilight World’ tonight methinks.

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