Monday ramblings.

Work has begun on chapter 15, and I think once it gets rolling, it’ll be a reasonably quick write, at least compared to 13 and 14.

/ramble on

Had some interesting, unsolicited feedback from a surprising source the other day–mostly very positive, although the person seemed taken aback by a certain development toward the end of chapter 9 (my kingdom for proper spoiler tags), as if they’d been blindsided by it. No to sound defensive, as I’m genuinely thrilled to get critical feedback, but I found that slightly odd, as said development had been hinted at as early as the middle of chapter 6–or maybe I just don’t hint strongly enough.

I suppose, in the end, I’d prefer to be a bit vague, rather than give the book over to pages upon pages of exposition–not that there hasn’t been a fair bit in the past couple of chapters.

Awaiting GW2Guru’s ‘Biggest GW2 Fan’ contest winner(s) announcement, and wondering if they’ll actually judge Thorn on it’s own merit, and (/tinfoil hat) not overlook it because words won’t look nearly as sexy as fan art on a front-page news post. To the credit of Thorn‘s awesome readers, it did end up with the most votes by a fair margin–just shy of double the votes of the next highest-ranking entry. You guys and gals kick major ass.

Why should I care? I’m not entirely sure, to be honest. I suppose anyone who puts themselves and their work out there–especially on the internet, with its tendency towards anonymity (which is a good thing, in and of itself) and massive amounts of trolling–likes to have their work, regardless of medium, portrayed in a positive light.

I have received wonderful comments and praise from a host of sources, and I am incredibly grateful to anyone who’d even stop by to read Thorn, much less take the time to send me a message, whether here, or in-game, or on one of the GW2 forums. Hell, there’s people I’ve known for 20 years now who won’t even take the time to look at it.

That said, I think that it’s very easy, in many ways, for folks who work in a visual medium to gain even some small amount of recognition from ArenaNet and the GW2 community at large. You post a picture, it’s all right there in front of the viewer. With any sort of writing, and especially something on this length, there’s a lot more digging to be done, and quite a bit more of a time commitment–I have no doubt there are people who have balked at the length of Thorn.

(What’s your point already?)

Point is, who creates something, and then genuinely doesn’t care about some level of recognition for it? Winning would be a public affirmation that there’s some small space out there for works beyond fan art (or some picture of a dude with a tattoo). So, while it’s inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, I suppose, it also seems strangely important.

/ramble off

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