As close to it as I can manage, anyway.

Note: If you’re one of the CoF FARMING ZERKER RUN WARRIOR/GUARDIAN ONLY munchkins, please, just move along.

Ranger shortbow spec is interesting in that the auto attack is the only real source of damage, while 2 through 5 are conditional/control-based attacks. That said, having played it for months, it can be mind-numbingly boring after a while for some of us.

Greatsword, however, is the weapon I always wanted to use on a ranger/hunter class, going back to the old RAPTOR STRIIIIIIIKE! days, and GW2 was certainly enticing in that it actually allowed for a melee play style, at least part-time. Obviously, after beta one, the greatsword became only slightly more effective than a pool noodle, and it wasn’t until the idea of using it as a defensive weapon, along with a build that stressed survivability over max DPS, that it found new life with an admittedly small subset of like-minded nutjobs.


To be honest, I’m not really feeling warrior, haven’t bothered rolling guardian yet, and the idea of being a brick shithouse of a ranger was enormously appealing, not to mention just finding a spec/weapon set that made me want to keep playing the class, rather than letting Mozu gather dust in a townhouse somewhere while she awaited badly needed class buffs that never came.

Mozu Stats

Mozu Traits

And full Soldier’s (P/V/T) gear in all slots along with Soldier’s crests, although I hear Superior Rune of the Dolyak is pretty nice. If you’re more of the PvP sort, swap out the Soldier’s accessories for Knight’s for the extra crit.

“How’s it actually do?”

In a dungeon setting where most everyone else is running DPS and/or support builds, amazingly. Most fights I’m looking at 100% uptime of pounding bosses in the face and holding whatever passes for aggro in this game, while being able to quickly rez folks who are downed thanks to QZ and quickness on pet swap.

In the second pic, you’ll see I’m using Healing Spring–I’m assuming we just came off a TA path 1 run. 99% of the time, the heal of choice is Troll Unguent.

You can probably pontificate until you’re blue in the face (har) about how I’m gimping my group, etc., etc., and I warn you now, you’ll only be met with a condescending smirk. Not only am I having a blast on her now, but I’ve never once felt like a detriment to the team, or like I wasn’t contributing.

Bored rangerbros–give it a try, you might just like it.

Oh–I forgot, though:
>implying dungeons are hard
>implying a game is for having fun

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6 Responses to Ranger…tank?

  1. svafar says:

    sounds like a cool build :)

  2. maugrymm says:

    I love it when people take a profession that other people deem “unable to tank” and create a tanky build with it! Personally, my tank is not a warrior or guardian (can’t really stand the heavy armor classes). I am the proud player of an amazing Sylvari Mesmer tank.
    I run dual sword with a greatsword on the switch. Right now he’s in full Knight’s (T/P/Pr) gear with a set of Superior Runes of the Dolyak. The Runes are amazing, but cannot be crafted, and are VERY expensive (about 4 gold per Rune)! I’ve been thinking of switching to Soldier’s on him (woot, more AC runs!), but I’m still unsure. I can always post more details on the build if anyone is interested! Rock on all of my unorthodox tanks out there!

    • Mozu says:

      I thought I was the only kook who liked getting in melee with my mesmer…

      While I’ll probably go full Knight’s for GS/Sword+Pistol loldps with some dungeon survivability, I’d sure as hell like to see what you’re using for traits.

      I have to give Veccu (sp?) credit for the original idea for the ranger-tank spec, but my MMO PvP days more or less stopped with WoW, so I ditched the emeralds and the Knight’s accessories and went whole-hog into Soldier’s, as well as chosing a few different traits. I may not kill things the quickest in open-world content, but just being able to swap to dual canines from dual bears shows a huge increase in DPS, and it’s easy enough to swap in shortbow for the usual axe/warhorn.

      I’ve looked at the Dolyak runes, as gold isn’t a huge issue, but aside from the regen, I feel like I’d be losing out quite a bit, stat-wise.

  3. Rylar says:

    Implying also that our guild doesn’t give a crap about min/maxing and speed runs. :D

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