Chapter 17

Check it.

Also, let me drunkenly slur, “This guy right here. This is the guy.”

Dat based Marchand.

Dat based Marchand.

Seriously, Team Canada.

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2 Responses to Chapter 17

  1. maugrymm says:

    I just finished Chapter 17. Absolutely wonderful. I would be a damned liar if I could say that I made it through the last couple pages without tears in my eyes. In fact, I’m still wiping them away as I type this message. You never cease to amaze me, keep it up!
    – The Cap’n

    • Mozu says:

      Thanks so much, Cap’n. Your praise, as always, embarrasses the everloving shit out of me. On the other hand, having a bout of writer’s block and (mostly) doubt today, I’ll gladly take it and get my ass back to work. ;)

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