Chapter 18, and this recent patch.

It’s up over at the usual spot.

Oh, my commentary on the patch? I’ll dust this gem off.

Fuck you. I'm rerolling warrior.

Fuck this. I’m rerolling warrior.

Enough. Really. Warrior’s already 35 in two nights of play, ranger is all but retired. I figure she’ll be 80 soon enough, if I can find some time to play–what with finishing up the book and all.

Other than throwing my hands up in defeat, I don’t have much to say about the patch as a whole.

Oh, and fuck you, Jarome Iginla. Fuck you.



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3 Responses to Chapter 18, and this recent patch.

  1. Marie Anne says:

    Are you referring to the change in Quickness? If I remember correctly, that changed for all professions, not just Ranger. And personally, I don’t see it being that big of a deal. It definitely evens the playing field in PvP, and it makes you play dungeons a little more carefully. The player base will adjust over time. Ranger is still a great, versatile class (my main, and personal favorite).

  2. Mozu says:

    Not referring to the Quickness change, actually–I’d totally forgotten about that aspect until you’d mentioned it.

    I’ve “mained” a ranger since beta one, and for the last few months as a tank/bunker/call it what you will build after SB/axe+warhorn became mind-numbingly boring. I’m just tired of jumping on any of my other 80s and wondering why I continue to playing the class when eight or nine times out of ten, it’s an exercise in mediocrity, and frequently frustration.

    So, a period of mothballing is in order, either until burnout wears off and I feel like shoving her back into active duty, or the class gets some actual dev lovin’–and not just underwater buffs or a few changes to cooldowns on one weapon.

  3. maugrymm says:

    Chapter 18…Wowza man, you know how to end ’em. Now I have to do a constant mental potty dance until Chapter 19 drops! Once again, it was wonderful, and I can’t wait for the rest!!!

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