Checking in.

Warrior’s already 80–actually, she hit 80 two nights ago. Laughably easy to walk away from ranger from a gameplay standpoint now, although it’s much harder when I consider the time and energy I’d put into ranger-Mozu, not to mention the ~100g for her T3 cultural.

Not that it’ll stop me.

Chapter 19 got off to a slow start, but over the last couple of days I suddenly find myself sitting on nearly 9K words with a whole bunch of notes left to turn into actual prose before I can call the first draft done. My initial concerns about “doing it right” were, I think, unfounded, and in my opinion, it’s shaping up to be pretty epic. Definitely fun to give all of the not-main characters their own hard-earned space, as well as–well, you’ll see soon enough.

What else?

Jagr? On the Bruins? I’ll attempt to remain cautiously optimistic, but if there was ever a player that didn’t fit the mold of the Big, Bad Bruins, it’s this guy. On the other hand, with Bergeron out and that terrible power play, they need some help badly. Hopefully Redden will shore up that defense, as well.

Jackie Bradley Jr.! ’nuff said. I went into this baseball season feeling distinctly “meh” about the whole thing, and I’ll be damned if two games will restore my faith–and before you call me a bandwagon fan, keep in mind that I watched my first Sox game with my grandfather back in 1978.

As Jon Sterling might, and should, say, “Thu-uh-uh-uh Yankees suck! The Yankees suck!” That payroll. That garbage they’re fielding. It does seriously pain me to see the Hebrew Hammer in pinstripes. Also, someone needs to slap that shitty 70s ‘stache off’a Joba ‘The Hutt’ Chamberlain.

Two down, 160 to go.

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