The ‘Doc Holiday’

I’m not sure if Dr. Pepper and rye is already a drink, but if it isn’t, I hereby dub it the ‘Doc Holiday’.

You read it here first, folks.

Ok, SERIOUSLY, I’ll post a real update soon, re: Thorn. In the meantime, throw back a few of these and forget about your recent “class balancing” *cough* woes. I figure they’ll get to ranger weapons, oh, some time next year.

In the meantime, my healing-plus-condition-removal-shout greatsword ‘zerker ball of Blueberry warrior goodness has almost made me forget about that mess of a class. Almost. I’m actually a bit stunned at how good the build is for how I play, and not just from an LOLDPS point of view. I sure as fuck feel a lot more useful then I ever did on ranger, and god damn, warrior longbow is delicious.

Guardian’s next up for leveling, I think, partly because I run with them constantly, and don’t understand a goddamned thing they’re doing–all I know is things go a lot smoother with one around, generally speaking. (Linebaugh? As a guardian? Shit, son, it ain’t like I’m gonna make a second ranger, for fuck’s sake. One’s bad enough.)

Oh, and, arrow carts. What the fucking fuck. Who thought that was a good idea?

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