BLACKHAAAAWKS! *shakes fist*

I ain’t even mad, to be honest.

Great series from two tired-as-fuck-looking teams. Enjoy the summer, Hawks fans. Bask in it.

Uh, yeah, in other news, I’m barely playing GW2, and while hammer-warrior is sorta fun, I will probably never touch my ranger again. Almost year ago I said, “I’ll give the game six months, and I’m sure most of my gripes will be long gone.”

Nope. Same shit is still giving me fits, and with needing to . . . whaddayacall . . . write a novel, I’d rather spend my time doing productive things instead. Or at least things I don’t find inordinately frustrating.

And throw all the stones you like, but the FF XIV ARR Beta was actually pretty damned fun. LNC, hoooooo!

Book! Still writing like mad, and getting into the real meat of the plot now (…like 100,000 words in). I’ll probably post another teaser around the first of the month, so check back in, and I’ll post a notice on the various forums in their Thorn threads.

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