Yeah, so, I’m way late with that new teaser, huh? Seeing as it’s technically a GW2 blog (for now), you should be used to seeing something When It’s Ready!

(Sorry–too Soon?)

In all seriousness, apologies to everyone out there–my editor was crazy busy for a while, and I’ve been writing like mad to the exclusion of a number of other things.

Hopefully I’ll have a finished first draft of this manuscript by early-to-mid September at this point, then it’s on to rewrites and editing…then I start sending this out to literary agents. I’m certainly at the final batch of 3-4 chapters now, anyway, so at least there’s an end of sorts in sight.

To give you an idea of what’s been going on, Thorn (GW2 ver.) was 158,000+ words and took roughly ten or so months to complete. Thorn Book I: Wanderer and Misericorde is pretty close to that length right now, has taken just over four months to get there, and encompasses only about half the story of the GW2 version (although it differs quite considerably from that original storyline, so let’s say half of this particular story instead).

As you might guess, after 300,000+ words in a year and a couple of months, I’m fucking TIRED–even approaching burnout, you might say. When I go back and flip through what’s been written so far, however, seeing these characters really come to life on the page along with the new world continually fleshed out around them makes every long day of work and every frustrating bout of writer’s block and every moment of self-doubt so worth it to slog through, and keeps me moving ever forward with this project.

I wish I could approach these posts with even a fraction of the eloquence I go for in prose, but…meh. The tl;dr is, “Yes, I will still get another teaser up. I’ll send the section out to my editor this week. When you see the final product on a bookshelf in the future, I think you’ll love it.”

In other (sports) news, if you had told me before and/or during Spring Training that the Sox would have the best record in the AL and 2nd overall in the majors I would’ve asked you when you’d last been kicked in the head by a barnyard animal. I was ready to settle for a crap year, but no Bobby Valentine.

And here’s to hoping A-Fraud fucks right off sooner rather than later.

See you guys again shortly.

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2 Responses to *Ahem*

  1. Oww says:

    Hey, how is the story is coming? It has been awhile since your last post and I just hope everything is going well.

    • Mozu says:

      Great! And thanks for asking–and yes, I know I’m like months behind at this point on getting anything posted. Between the writing, life in general, and a move coming in December, I’ve been pretty scatterbrained.

      However, the first draft is finished (at right around 180,000 words), and the final draft is underway now. Beta reader reviews for the first draft and the couple chapters of the final that I’d sent out were overwhelmingly positive, though I foresee a bit a head-butting with my editor over some stylistic choices. (Or, rather, we’ve already had some with the final draft.)

      When I actually get my ass in gear for anything other than writing and prepping for this move, I’ll be starting a new wordpress page solely dedicated to the book and the world so once this gets picked up for publication, it’ll be ready to go. In the meantime, however, I really need to consult with her (the editor) about what we should post, as I do want to get another teaser up.

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