How the hell is it almost September already?

Just a quick update for any of you still pointlessly dropping in here from time to time.

Yes, work on the book continues. First draft was a huge hit with beta readers, final draft (what they saw of it) even a bigger one. However, I got about halfway through–some 80-90k words–sat back, and realized I wasn’t happy with it for a number of reasons.

So I took a break for a couple of weeks, which is the longest break from writing I’ve had in almost two years since this all started. Then my mother took ill, nearly died, spent over a month in the hospital, came home for two weeks, cancer discovered by her doctor, in for surgery. It took a fair toll on me, especially being some 3,500 miles from home, and that two week break turned into a much longer one for other reasons.

There hasn’t been much writing going on in the sense of actually putting words down on paper, virtual or otherwise, but a ton of reworking and reimagining, and what’s coming from all that is going to be the book that’s much closer to what I want to be writing, and hopefully more stripped-down in terms of pacing, and even simplifying the plot a bit. Or a lot, in a few cases. (And hopefully not 500-600 pages like the first draft was.)

We’re freshly returned from Mass, saw that my mother is still alive, on the mend, and still very crazy–now it’s time to get back to the actual writing and get this thing done and off and hopefully make some money from all this work I’ve put into it.

In the meantime, I’d be remiss if I didn’t, as usual, comment on a few unrelated things.

1. TWD Season 2 is a far cry from Season 1, but I’m still enjoying the heck out of it, as bad a person and gamer as that might make me.

2. Logitech G27 + Assetto Corsa = bliss. My rekindled love affair with cars and motorsports keeps me driving, and doing very little other gaming. Looks like we’re starting a little crew for Project CARS, too, which is pretty exciting.

3. Nico Prostberg a shit, Bo77as 4 lyfe.

4. Is GW2 a literal joke at this point? My impression of the past year or more has been, “What’s the absolute minimum amount of effort we can put in while getting fools to log in and spend money in the gem shop? Also, since Hepler isn’t available, hire the second worst writer you can find. Oh, and the Chinese love a good P2W system, so since the game is dying here, let’s bring it over there and cash in now.”

Bah. Goodnight, everybody.

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