I am, in fact, still alive, and still writing.

The short version is this: I was most of the way through what was meant to be the “final draft,” but then I took a bit of a break and had a long, hard look at what I’d written, and proceeded to chuck it all into the metaphorical trash.

Afterwards, I took a much longer break. I’ve been at this more than three years now, and nearing some million words with all the versions and drafts and edits. I was frustrated, recently moved to a different country, and a carrying a load of untreated depression and anxiety, and I’d reached a point of burnout.

Still, I spent the time off working, as my wife likes to remind me whenever it comes up. Honing the characterization, the plot, the setting, making a damned outline–basically doing what I should’ve done at the start, and not this writing by the seat of my pants I’ve instead been doing all along. But I suppose it’s all been a learning process, and shouldn’t really consider the time spent time wasted. Or so I tell myself. As does she.

But I’m back at it now. I’m refreshed and excited to be writing again (most of the time), and, right about some 50K words in, thrilled with how it’s coming along.

More news as news happens. Otherwise, I’m going to keep plugging away, and hopefully have a finished book to show you all at the end of it. I’ve never forgotten all the kind words and the support I received back when this was an overblown GW2 fanfic, and I wish you guys and gals all the best.


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