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When voice actors decide your racial choice.

Jennifer Hale confirmed for Sylvari player VA, ergo, Mozu confirmed for Sylvari. At least I can be blue-skinned and blue-haired again.  *sigh* We’ll just be ignoring most of that tablet now, won’t we, Haitei? Good kitty. Go eat that bad … Continue reading

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So, a few days or so of AGI gemming has worked out just fine in heroics, and having just now done Argaloth for the first time, I can say that I’m a convert. Looking at Skada after the fight showed … Continue reading

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Expensive experiment.

Going to try the full-on AGI gemming – AGI/STA, AGI/Dodge or Dodge/STA where appropriate – which seems to be the accepted route on both EJ and the WoW Druid forum.  I’m still dubious, but these folks are much more math-savvy … Continue reading

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So, yes, reforging everything (Haste>Hit>Exp>Crit) besides Mastery to Dodge is the way to go. However, I see a lot of talk about gemming for straight Agility, which, for the life of me, I don’t quite understand, seeing as it takes … Continue reading

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Chomping at the bit.

The digital download is all set, race change purchased already, logged out at the flight trainer, espresso pot is loaded…this already feels like a long day. So!  Bear stuff.   Elitist Jerks has a fantastic feral pre-raid gearing up guide for … Continue reading

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Working as intended.

No three words from Blizzard have a more rage-inducing effect on me. Regarding the Swipe bug (17% nerf somehow turned into an 80% nerf)… Thanks for all your reports on this folks.  We’ve ran the numbers with as much diligence … Continue reading

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The Guide page is now a whole ‘Guides’ section.  Ooooh, aaaah.  They’ve been fleshed out a little more, but, once again, I think it’s gonna be a couple of weeks before there’s a general consensus about stat Reforging and threat … Continue reading

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