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Armor/weapon image extravaganza

Here are some Sunday shinies for you all. I didn’t go take a bunch of images of the cool armor myself. But some enterprising folks about the internet did. For a great thread with all of the dungeon armor, racial … Continue reading

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Beta weekend 3 TDM meetup

So last weekend marked the final beta weekend before Guildwars 2 launches. We had another guild run about Saturday to mark the occasion. We met up in Lion’s Arch, as last time, then headed off to the Asuran area via … Continue reading

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BWE 3 thoughts – Rylar edtion

Our final beta weekend has been and gone, and I thought I’d add my thoughts and impressions to Mozu’s while we all play the waiting game. Unlike previous betas, I spent a lot of the weekend sampling classes other than … Continue reading

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Final Beta Weekend Wrapup

Well, that’s that. Three beta weekends and two stress-tests come and gone, and now we wait for release. To sum up quickly, I had more fun in those eleven days than the final two years (or more) that I played … Continue reading

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BWE3 Info

Characters are being wiped before the final beta, and, I assume our “home” server will be reset. If you are asked to choose a new server, head for “Tarnished Coast”. This unofficial RP server will most likely be [TDM]’s home … Continue reading

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Good news!

If you were getting a bit bored beta testing, we’ve got some good news for you! Arenanet announced today that the Sylvari and Asura will definitely be available in the final beta weekend. I think Mozu is going to disappear … Continue reading

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Shenanigans Part II

Well my nerdly friends, it is well past time for me to write a little description of ‘part 2’ of our guild get together last Beta Weekend. After goofing about in Lion’s Arch, we decided to head through the Charr … Continue reading

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