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Two videos for your perusal

Just a few days to go! in the mean time, here are a few videos to pass the time. First, a very serious accurate portrayal of the lore of the Charr in GW1. Very. Serious.<serious face> Secondly, the /dance emote … Continue reading

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Launch Day Info!

Hi all, I just wanted to write a little update regarding what to expect upon release, as barely a week remains (at least for the pre-purchase head start).

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Attributes, traits, boons, conditions and the combat puzzle

Hello all. I’ve been wrestling to get traits, boons conditions and potential builds straight in my head. So what follows is my own handy guide to building up a character in this game. Perhaps it will be useful to you! … Continue reading

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Website update

Hi all, Guildwars 2 updated their websites with all new text, layout and descriptions of races ad professions. Check it out. Edit: And now we know there will be a stress test this afternoon. Hooray hooray! -R-

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Developer inteview: Endgame

So, a couple of the Arenanet Devs (Colin and Eric) recently did a kind of interview/chat thing on twitch TV.  If you really want absolutely no spoilers about Orr, read no further, but below the break are what I thought … Continue reading

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Crafting Infographic

…I think the title pretty well sums it up. <insert foul-mouthed and/or snarky comment here>

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WE HAVE A FUCKING RELEASE DATE. 8/28/2012 See you in Tyria! I’ll be the blue sylvari with a martini in each hand. (also, BWE3 on July 20-22) (Also also, early access for those of us who pre purchased will be … Continue reading

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