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Useful links – in game economics

Hi all. Yeah, I’m still alive and kicking, and GW2 has indeed been on my mind. I’ve been having an excellent time in game, even with the warts and bugs that are still being ironed out. My main is up … Continue reading

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Two useful links

Is it Friday yet? Wait… it is! Wow, I am crazy excited! Must…focus… on work… I’ve got two useful links for you this morning. First, Arenanet has posted the online manual to the game, if that is something you might … Continue reading

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Two videos for your perusal

Just a few days to go! in the mean time, here are a few videos to pass the time. First, a very serious accurate portrayal of the lore of the Charr in GW1. Very. Serious.<serious face> Secondly, the /dance emote … Continue reading

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Character creation inspiration

Hi all, 10 days… stress test tomorrow while I’m outside feeding ticks and chasing bees with a net. <sigh> Anyways, useful links for you guys! Guru has provided this time (shockingly). No, no another litany of pointless complaints about the … Continue reading

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Window shopping

If you’re like me, and you can’t get enough of skimming through photos of weapons and armor that you might get in game, check out this guy’s page. He’s done a nice job of finding a lot of the armors … Continue reading

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Armor/weapon image extravaganza

Here are some Sunday shinies for you all. I didn’t go take a bunch of images of the cool armor myself. But some enterprising folks about the internet did. For a great thread with all of the dungeon armor, racial … Continue reading

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Developer inteview: Endgame

So, a couple of the Arenanet Devs (Colin and Eric) recently did a kind of interview/chat thing on twitch TV.  If you really want absolutely no spoilers about Orr, read no further, but below the break are what I thought … Continue reading

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