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Much like the last post, I am, in fact, still alive.

And still writing. Though we wound up in Canada somehow, and it looks like we’re here to stay. First order of business, though: I put Thorn back up. I gave it a re-read over the winter holidays, and while there’s … Continue reading

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Been a while…

Yes, the next chapter of Thorn, A Sylvari’s Tale is coming, and soon. The first draft is finished, so it’s back through a couple of times for rewrites and error corrections, then off to the editor. Shocking how the game … Continue reading

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Chapter 3 is up

If you didn’t catch it on Mozu’s FB or Google+ pages, chapter 3 of Thorn, A Sylvari’s Tale is up. Check it out in PDF or MOBI/EPUB (e-reader) format. -R-

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Thorn, Chapter 2

Welcome to the next installment of Thorn, A Sylvari’s Tale. As you might notice, the pages with the prologue and first chapter have been taken down and replaced with PDFs for online viewing, along with EPUB and MOBI versions for … Continue reading

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Thorn: A Sylvari’s Tale

Welcome! In celebration of the final beta weekend before release, BEARZU SMASH! is proud to present the prologue and first chapter of Thorn: A Sylvari’s Tale. Enjoy!

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