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Halfus Bear-breaker down.

We got the basic mechanics down quickly, then it was a question of keeping people alive.  We three-tanked it, which I don’t think will be necessary next time around, after I suggested that we just wake up the two most … Continue reading

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Throne of the Four Winds

Conclave down, woo!  And a shiny, new epic bear ring, to boot.  Not being much of a fan of heights, even virtual ones, I cringed every time I had to hurl myself though the air from the “life” platform to … Continue reading

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So, a few days or so of AGI gemming has worked out just fine in heroics, and having just now done Argaloth for the first time, I can say that I’m a convert. Looking at Skada after the fight showed … Continue reading

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So, yes, reforging everything (Haste>Hit>Exp>Crit) besides Mastery to Dodge is the way to go. However, I see a lot of talk about gemming for straight Agility, which, for the life of me, I don’t quite understand, seeing as it takes … Continue reading

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Argaloth? Moar liek Ugh-aloth, amirite?

Had a crack at the Baradin Hold (new VoA) boss with an undergeared group.  Straightforward fight – two groups at 90+ degrees from one another, tank swap when his debuff is cast on the current tank, avoid the fire from … Continue reading

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Starcaller, woo!

A group of Lightsworn folks headed into Ulduar and outgeared the hell out of this fight. Er, I mean, used superior tactical skills to…something, something. Awesome fight, though, and totally nuts.  We managed to get him down in only about … Continue reading

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