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Head start weekend run-about

Woah guys, where did time go? I am way overdue to report on guild doings in the past week. Well, we’ve all in running about Tyria like crazed skritt for over a week now, and I have to say, it … Continue reading

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Beta weekend 3 TDM meetup

So last weekend marked the final beta weekend before Guildwars 2 launches. We had another guild run about Saturday to mark the occasion. We met up in Lion’s Arch, as last time, then headed off to the Asuran area via … Continue reading

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Shenanigans Part II

Well my nerdly friends, it is well past time for me to write a little description of ‘part 2’ of our guild get together last Beta Weekend. After goofing about in Lion’s Arch, we decided to head through the Charr … Continue reading

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Hello everyone! Well, BWE2 is long since past, and we’re overdue to post a little update of the guilds doings last weekend. It was a glorious weekend of gaming! They let us keep our characters from BWE1, so we could … Continue reading

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