Thorn, A Sylvari’s Tale

Thorn News, 7/2/17

It’s back! All six hundred award-winning pages.



22 Responses to Thorn, A Sylvari’s Tale

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  2. Cjad the Nord says:

    As someone also writing a GW2 fan-fiction in a serious novel style, I just wanted to shout some encouragement to you and say that it’s been an enjoyable read so far! Looking forward to more work, and you’ve inspired me to keep at it despite a huge lack of inspiration thus far! <|:D

    • Mozu says:

      Aw, thanks very much! “Keeping at it” is certainly difficult at times, especially when there’s a lack of feedback, but I try and remind myself that a lot of folks just aren’t willing to put the time in to read something long when it’s not an official GW2 (or your IP of choice) novel/work, or it’s something they have no personal stake in. It also pays to remind myself that there are plenty of people who will read/view/listen to things on the internet and never comment, whether they enjoyed it or not, and that’s fine, too.

      Although I have been lucky to get both some great feedback and criticism at times, I feel like I’m just howling into the wind at others, but I figure that if it’s something you love (or at least enjoy and care about), then definitely keep working on it, and if you ever want to share some of your own writing, let me know.


  3. Oww says:

    Hey, just wanted to pop in and say I’m really enjoy what you’ve posted so far and I’m excited for the next chapters.

    • Mozu says:


      (Chapter five might actually take a bit longer than anticipated, as the first draft is about half again as long as the previous one, but its status is still “soon” and not “when it’s ready”. Probably late next week, as we’re traveling in a couple of days.)

  4. nunya says:

    ETA on completed novel?

    • Mozu says:

      Would you accept “when it’s ready” as an answer? :D

      Seriously, though, at the pace that it’s been going so far? Late winter/early spring, most likely.

  5. Derek Strausbaugh says:

    I really enjoyed reading some of your tale! I’m currently putting together a book of guild wars fan fiction for my literary editing and design class at Whitworth University, and I would love to include an excerpt. I think the prologue and chapter 1 would be a nice taste of what you have here. It wouldn’t be distributed, it’s just for class. I could send you a copy when it’s done. Let me know what you think!


  6. Athy says:

    Just finished chapter 1 and i really enjoyed it. Looking forward to more!

  7. Silvaria says:

    Stopping in to take a peek at your story! I fell in love with the sylvari the moment I saw them, and they’ve been a huge inspiration to me as of late. I love how ArenaNet has left some areas of their lore open, as though inviting creativity from their fans. After reading the prologue, I’m definitely bookmarking this and coming back! Thank you for putting forth the effort to share it with everyone. :)

  8. Sixiel says:

    Hiya! I just started reading your story and I find it amazing. Can’t wait to read it all :)

  9. Sometimesno says:

    This is absolutely enthralling! You’ve done an amazing job of creating excitement and adventure in these chapters so far. I’m on the edge of my seat for the next ones. Thank you for sharing your writing journey with us!

  10. This is great! As a creative writing major in college and a fan of the game, I’m glad you wrote this! I just discovered this on Guru but I’m curious. How long did it take you from start to finish and how many drafts did you write so far? Keep it up!

    • Did you think of self-publishing on Amazon? :D

      • Mozu says:

        Hey, thanks! Took about ten months from the first prologue release until the final chapter, but I’d written the sort of proto-intro earlier than that–all in all, it was probably closer to eleven months. Things usually went first draft > second draft > copy edit > final fixes and last-minute polish > release.

        With this new version, I’m just blowing through a full manuscript first draft in one go (rather than chapter by chapter) with minimal rewrites, and while a number of the chapters written so far are pretty close to their final form, it gives me the luxury of going back and altering/cutting/adding things that might be important later on, and, of course, going back to do the polishing that needs to happen before the editor even touches it.

        That said, I’ve about 1/3 of what the total length of the first version was written so far in only about a month and a half–and while some stuff is pretty similar, quite a lot of it is different and/or greatly expanded upon. Basically, I’m having a blast rewriting it into this new setting, going only from memory and where I think the story needs to go, rather than copying from the old version–different places, different races, different motivations, with complete control to build the world as I see fit and not trying to shoehorn my story into someone else’s lore. Generally speaking, I don’t even look at the old version unless I think I’m forgetting something important.

        From the technical writing side of things, I find it pretty entertaining to see the progress from, “I have no idea what I’m doing,” to, “Hey, I think I’ve figured out how this works,” toward the latter chapters. As my editor has said of these new versions she’s seen, “You’ve really found your voice.”

        I have considered Amazon self-publishing, and I have a buddy who’s a startup business and marketing whiz, and I’m more than tempted to offer him the 15% a literary agent would take to self-publish and put the marketing in his hands. That said, man, do I want to be able to walk into a Barnes & Noble and pick ‘Thorn’ off the shelf.

        Decisions, decisions.


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